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Business DX Smart Factory IoT Solution

Make your factories smarter through cutting-edge technologies like IoT and AI

Achieve higher productivity and quality by connecting machinery and equipment to your network, and collecting and visualizing measured data.

Competitors are creating smart factories through large-scale IT investment.What strategy should Japanese companies take?

Under China's 2025 manufacturing strategy, Chinese factories are being heavily invested in to incorporate new technologies and robots, automate factories and connect the equipment and robots within to networks, while using platforms that allow real-time monitoring of the movement of people and things on factory grounds.

The big data collected from people and things in these factories is planned to be used for making decisions and controlling equipment and robot behavior. These factories will be examples of so-called "smart factories".

For Japanese companies, investment on the same scale is not practical, so we believe the correct strategy is to further improve onsite capability, which is the strength of Japanese companies. By collecting and visualizing data that allows identifying and removing bottlenecks, productivity and quality will rise, allowing Japanese companies to differentiate themselves from competitors.

With KDDI's Smart Factory IoT Solution,large-scale investments are unnecessary

With KDDI's Smart Factory IoT Solution, data can be automatically collected from within your factory, stored, and then used for visualization and other purposes.

Production counts, product inspection results, production process times, equipment status and other information that has until now been recorded manually by onsite staff, can now be automatically collected and displayed on a dashboard.

OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) data can be automatically collected, and reports automatically generated for production progress and quality check results, allowing you to see where bottlenecks occur and make timely decisions.

The strengths of KDDIs's factory IoT visualization solutions

Customization according to customer needs

The type of information one wants to see for an equipment processing plant is quite different from what one wants to see for a factory where assembly is done by hand. KDDI's solutions allow customization in order to provide the types of data visualization that customers need. To reduce development time and costs, rather than starting from zero we customize existing templates for different types of factory.

One-stop provision for all your data-related needs

Since 2016, we provide one-stop service in China for launching factory IoT projects, as well as collecting, transferring, storing, analyzing and visualizing data. No need to talk with multiple companies to put together the different parts of your solution, KDDI can handle it all.

Extensive experience supplying Japanese companies

We have a wide range of experience supplying Japanese companies for things such as cosmetics plants, automobile parts manufacturing plants, electronics factories, chemical plants, plastic mold factories, beverage manufacturers, and more.

Support from 20 locations within China

KDDI offices in Beijing, Tianjin, Dalian, Shanghai, Suzhou, Changshu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and more can support you in everything from implementation to operation.

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