Chairman's Message

Providing high-quality ICT solutions through a one-stop service

Thank you for your continued support of KDDI Group.
With over fifty years of actual performance and technical experience, the KDDI Group is committed to providing customers around the globe with one-stop service support.
Regarding China, KDDI Group has established the largest office support system in the country compared to other Japanese communications service operators. We provide services ranging from the construction of large-sale networks to the wiring, configuration and setup of each computer in office relocations.
KDDI Group provides one-stop globalized ICT solutions centered on four key service areas; they are global networks, data centers, international local area networks, and system integration.
From the provision of networks and IT equipment, to total operation support services, the ICT environment is our operating base. Our global ICT solutions allow you to outsource all of your ICT requirements, thus assisting you in more rapidly expanding your business globally.

In addition, KDDI Group has established long-term relationships and cooperation agreements with global communications providers, this enables KDDI to offer smoother international integration as well as coordinate on behalf of customers. Furthermore, "TELEHOUSE", a group of high performance global data centers, realizes data centralization through its provision of high-quality and highly reliable data centers.
In all of our business activities, we maintain a commitment to the notion of putting customer satisfaction first. Through the continuous effort of all our staff, we strive to provide our customers with better services.
We would like to ask for your continued support. Thank you.

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