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Business DX Energy IoT Monitoring Solution

Visualization of energy consumption allows effective cost-cutting

Real-time visualization of the usage of electricity, water, gas, steam and more enables better energy management and cost-cutting.

Factory costs are rising due to higher personnel costs

With employee costs rising every year, more factories are cutting costs by adopting robots and other equipment to automate work.

For such factories, reducing energy costs is key to achieving overall cost reductions.

Cut costs by managing energy consumption through data collected by IoT

At many factories, the consumption of energy sources such as electricity, water, gas and steam is acquired through monthly checks by floor/control panel, etc.

Such imprecise data management may allow for seeing trends, but it is insufficient for closely checking efficiency and waste. To do that, it is necessary to closely monitor the usage of energy-intensive processes and equipment while checking whether their energy usage is necessary or wasteful.

With KDDI's Energy IoT Monitoring Solution, data is automatically collected from sensors, transmitted wirelessly, and put into visual form. Since the data collection is nearly real-time, detailed comparisons such by month or by week are possible.

Advantages of KDDI's Energy IoT Monitoring Solution

Wireless data collection

Our IoT monitoring solution uses wireless technology, allowing data to be collected with virtually no cabling.

Standardized package

Everything from data collection to transmissions, storage and visualization are all included in a single standard package, enabling quick installation and provision for all aspects of the IoT monitoring solution.

Extensive experience with Japanese corporate customers

Our customers include food manufacturers, drink manufacturers, chemical manufacturers, machine manufacturers and more.

Support from 20 locations within China

KDDI's 20 locations within China, including Beijing, Tianjin, Dalian, Shanghai, Suzhou, Changshu, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen support you from installation through to operation and maintenance

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