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IoT OTRS Industrial Engineering Solution

Work efficiency improvements through the IE* method

Use video to discover bottlenecks in the assembly process. Supports establishing standard work times, creating video manuals and improving technical training

  • *Industrial Engineering, the use of people, machines, things and information to eliminate waste, inefficiency and irregularities to improve productivity and raise corporate value.

Manually analyzing manufacturing work takes time

Manually using stopwatches, etc. to analyze work, standardize, simulate and measure improvement results is time-consuming.

We are now in the age of where manufacturing is done for many types of products, and in small quantities. By the time you finish making a new work manual aimed at improvements for manufacturing one product, it can already be time to begin work analysis on a new product.


All the functionality for on-site work improvement in one package: OTRS10

Powerful support for improving on-site work

By using OTRS10, video of on-site work can be taken, allowing you to see how much time is spent on which steps, whether there is wasteful operation happening, and more. Set realistic average work times based on actual video footage. Compare video of the work of experienced and inexperienced employees to discover where and to what extent differences in their work results appear. Use analysis results to create work-load charts for review, and output video manuals or other training materials.

Work analysis

Above are screens for work analysis through video. OTRS10 can make up-time rate and inconsistencies visible, allowing more effective monitoring of work sites.

Comparative playback

Comparative playback

Work-load graph

Run simulations using your analysis results. Optimize work load distribution and production lines by reviewing each step of your work process.

Manual creation

Output procedures and video manuals from your analysis results. Reduce work load, shorten training, and create an organization able to adapt to on-site changes.

Intuitive, easy-to-understand interface

The simple design of OTRS10's interface allows for intuitive control. A few hours of training and the user's manual are enough to begin proper operation. Training in Chinese is available for usage in China.

KDDI can support you from installation through operation

Support from 20 locations within China 

KDDI's 20 locations within China, including Beijing, Tianjin, Dalian, Shanghai, Suzhou, Changshu, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen support you from installation through to operation and maintenance. 

Extensive experience with Japanese corporate customers 

Our customers construction equipment manufacturers, machine manufacturers and more.

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