Connect and Work from Anywhere, Anytime

Even when away from the office, ensure secure access to your business environment

An increasing number of companies are allowing their people to work regardless of place and time. This remote working style increases the need to have a secure network environment that enables people to access their work from anywhere. KDDI provides a secure encrypted remote work environment that enables you to access your office PC, e-mails, schedules, have web meetings, share folders, etc., from wherever you are.

Features & Merits

Get access to your office PC from anywhere!

When out of the office or on business trips, you will be able to access your office PC from home, or anywhere else. Every connection is protected by government-standard end-to-end 128-bit encryption, thus guaranteeing you the highest level of security. Our servers are located in 13 countries around the world, enabling you to get the fastest connection from any place.

Ability to access office e-mail, schedules, chat, and other groupware services

You do not need to bring your office PC, as you can access your office e-mail, schedules, chat, etc., through your smartphone, tablet, or other devices. Dependent on your IT environment, either Google Apps or Office 365, services will serve your needs.

Save your files in our most secured cloud, and access it from anywhere!

Save your files, folders, as well as backup data, without limits. Saved data will be automatically synchronized to your smartphone, tablet, or other devices. Just access data/content wherever and whenever needed!

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