Smooth Global Communication

Combine our various services to create a single unified global business communications solution

We put all your communications tools, such as voice calls, video conferencing, chat, e-mail, shared folders, into one platform. This enables you to achieve smooth communication with anyone anywhere, regardless of time difference.

Features & Merits

Real-time communication for more effective international business

When just voice is not effective enough for an international meeting, we provide Teleoffice, which enables you to hold video conferences wherever you are, from any device. Furthermore, by uploading files to Teleoffice it is possible to share and refer to their content with all meeting members.

Besides Teleoffice, we provide other services, including Chatwork, Google Apps for work, and Office 365, that enable you to have real-time communication through calls, video conferences, chat, and/or e-mail.

Files sharing made easy

Using Google Drive for Work and Syncnel, it is not only possible to securely share files with colleagues, wherever they are in the world, but also work simultaneously on the same document. We provide the secure KDDI File Storage service, which allows you to access your files from a cloud platform hosted within our highly secure Telehouse data centers. These solutions solve the problem of having to send large-sized attachments by e-mail.

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