KDDI International Management Service (IMS)

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KDDI offers global managed services to support your business performance.

IMS Functions

  • Network Monitoring and Reporting
    Ping monitoring, utilization report, traffic report, CoS traffic report, traffic volume threshold monitoring, quality report,router resource report, SNMP trap monitoring, network monitoring and reporting
  • Alarm Notification and Failure Restoration
    Alarm e-mail, automatic voice notification, support from technical operators, failure restoration, arrangement of equipment maintenance
    Alarm notification and failure restoration
  • Portal Functions
    Portal functions and various reports, account setting, time setting, alarm e-mail destination setting, portal functions
  • Operation and Maintenance System

Network Monitoring and Reporting

Figure: Network Monitoring and Reporting

Ping monitoring

Monitor CE router's activities using Ping.

Utilization report

Ping results and CE router utilization are reported.

Traffic report

The transmission data volume at the CE router port is reported on the Web screen.

CoS traffic report

The transmission data volume for each priority control type (CoS) is tallied, and reports sent on up to four types.

Traffic volume threshold monitoring

Alarm notifications are sent if the traffic volume continuously exceeds the pre-determined threshold while measuring the transmission data volume.

Quality report

Details on measurement from the IMS system to probe routers are periodically set and the measurement packets communicated. The occurrences of latency, jitters, and packet losses are reported.

Router resource report

Data concerning CE router resources (CPU and memories) are tallied, and the usage rate is reported.

SNMP trap monitoring

Trap ID and trap details are specified in advance, and alarm notifications are sent when a SNMP trap that matches the pre-determined information is detected.

Alarm Notification and Failure Operation

Alarm e-mail

If any failure/restoration is detected during various types of monitoring activities, an alarm will be automatically sent via e-mail (in Japanese or English).

figure: Alarm e-mail

Automatic voice notification

If any failure/restoration is detected during various types of monitoring activities, an automatic voice notification will be sent to the phone numbers registered in advance (in Japanese and English).

figure: Automatic voice notification

Support from technical operators

If any failure is detected during various types of monitoring activities, KDDI operators will call your contact phone number and report/explain the situation, progress, and restoration.

figure: Support from technical operators


When a failure occurs, KDDI technical operators will perform tasks according to the details and procedures you have specified in advance, and will report/explain the situation, progress, and results.

Arrangement of equipment maintenance

KDDI technical operators will contact the equipment maintenance vendors that you have specified in advance to arrange for maintenance work.

Portal Functions

Figure: Portal Functions

Portal functions and various reports

KDDI offers dedicated web-based portal sites and ensures the security of these portal sites by encoding them via https connections and providing authentication that combines randomly-generated URLs and ID/PWs.

Account setting

Administrative users and standard users will be set up.

Time zone

You can set your own time zone (GMT +/- n) for the standard time displayed on the portal sites and various reports.

Alarm e-mail destination setting

Alarms will be sent to your e-mail address.
(You can set your preferred language to either Japanese or English.)

Operation and Maintenance System

Figure: Operation and Maintenance System

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